I am the president of a Cultural Association, called OMID. (means hope.)

The Omid Cultural Association is a non-profit association that was registered in 2016 (SIRET ID: 82047844400012). This association, by organizing cultural, sports, social and humanitarian activities, wishes to facilitate exchanges and create a cultural convergence between Persian-speakers and facilitate the integration of migrants into the host society.

The Omid Cultural Association is an independent association run by members and volunteers.

The red lines of the association

By respecting all groups and all ideas, the Omid association has no political orientation. In this association, no ethnic frontiers are recognized.

The association omid is not religious and being secular, it is open to all and all without distinction of ethnic origin or belief.

This association promotes equality between women and men by respecting the sexual orientations of each individual. It clearly prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Our goals

The most important of our objectives is to help the Iranians and the Afghans in France to adapt to the French society. Most members of our association are refugees or are unemployed in France.

We try to help them learn the French language and try to help them in terms of their administrative problems. Our professors are working on a voluntary basis and do their best to help them as much as possible to learn the French language.

We organize once a week to help our members in terms of their administrative problems (such as finding accommodation, finding a job, taking appointments, writing a letter, etc.)

Sometimes we organize the picnic in order to bring our member together to spend their better and happier time. The life they deserve to have!

We also have “free discussion” sessions where we can discuss issues deeply and try to exchange our ideas about humanity, justice, democracy, freedom, equality of men and women, and so on.

This association has for these objects also:

The development, implementation and promotion of artistic projects.
The organization of cultural events (music concerts, exhibitions, theater, films, dance)
The organization of training courses to help Iranian and Afghan immigrants and refugees adapt to French society
The organization of sporting activities and programs for refugees and immigrants
The organization of tourist and picnic programs for refugees and immigrants, and any similar, related or complementary objects likely to promote their realization or development.