I have been working with different websites and online news papers since 10 years ago.

I’ve written hundreds of articles in different Persian medias such as TehranReview, Iranwire, Radio Zamaneh, Mardomak, Filbaan, Radio Koocheh about Technology and Society”

Here are just some example of my articles. some of them have been translated into English and some of them are just have a quick summary in English. in order to read the whole articles you need to see the Persian version of my website!

  • Technology:

Iran’s Homemade Online Games

They may be living under an Islamic Republic but young Iranians are no less enthusiastic about video and online games than the rest of the world. And like anywhere else, there are lucrative profits to be made by producing games which cater to specific demographic and age groups. (Read the article here)

“Halal Hyperspace”: A Guide to Iran’s Irksome Internet

In many countries across the globe, going online is hassle-free, but not in Iran. Though the country has been connected to the internet since the mid-1990s, citizens have consistently fought the government to hold onto their virtual freedoms. They deal with a range of hurdles, including low bandwidth, slow connection speeds, extensive filtering and, in some cases, requirements to register personal information with the state in order to get online. Iranian content providers have had to make do with a limited service and to find ways to reverse censorship online. (Read the article here)

Combating Censorship Online

Recent research conducted by the Ministry of Sports and Youth has revealed that 70 percent of Iranians aged between 15 and 29 use anti-filtering software or proxy servers when using the internet.

Whether its private forums hosting popular debates, independent news or open-source blogging platforms,most young web users employ anti-filtering software or downloads to access blocked websites and protect their identities. (Read the article here)

“The internet is a dangerous bomb planted in homes!”

On New Years Eve, 2014, Keyhan newspaper made the bold announcement that Google and Facebook are in cahoots with the Green Movement.

As evidence, the publication, which takes orders from the office of the Supreme Leader, pointed to the fact that Google Translate and Facebook both accommodate the Persian language on their platforms.

The article said that, because of this, it was obvious that the world’s biggest internet companies had worked illegally with leaders of the Green Movement. (Read the article here)

  • Society

An articles about “short term marriages” in Iran (Read the article here)

kid addicted to drugs. (Read the article here)

Iranian government try’s to stop women who song publicly (Read the article here)

An article about drinking Alcohol and it’s difficulties in Iran (Read the article here) 

12 million poor have been recognised in Iran (Read the article here)

The number of unemployed have been significantly increased in Iran (See the article here)