My name is “Saeed Jafari”. I am a journalist, media producer, website designer and photographer. I studied bachelor of computer science and and Master of MBA. I live in Paris and preparing myself for continuing my study in PHD level in France.

In the past decade I’ve worked as a journalist, media producer and website designer.
Here is what I’ve done:

  • I’ve produced more than 100 radio programs for Radio Zamaneh. (See my radio program)
  • I’ve worked as a freelance journalist with different websites and online news papers since 10 years ago. (See my articles)
  • I’ve written several tutorial related to computer science for a Persian tutorial website, called Darsnameh. (See my tutorials).
  • I’ve designed several websites. (See my websites)
  • I’ve taken many photos from the places I’ve been in the last few years. (See my photos)

At the moment I am the president of Association Culturel Omid. Also i still work as a freelance journalist!

I love Chess and philosophy!  Watching movies, following political news and spending time on socio-medias, as well as reading historical and philosophic books are my other interests!